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Pakistan Air Force Best In The World: Sohail Aman

ISLAMABAD: Former chief of Pakistan Air Force Sohail Aman on Wednesday said that PAF is the best force of the world and they have proved it today by shooting down two Indian fighter jets.

“Pakistan had replied to India aggression in a very professional manner. The operation was conducted in a surgical way,” he said while talking in Abbtakk news program ‘Tonight with Fareeha Idrees’.

He said that shooting down an Indian jet is the biggest achievement for Pakistan, adding that conducting an operation against Indian Air Force was not a difficult task for our Air Force.

Sohail Aman advised the nation to hold their nerves amid the tense situation and should always keep their trust in the leadership of Pakistan.

Earlier today, Pakistani pilot Hassan Mehmood Siddiqui shot down Indian fighter during Pakistan Air Force strike on Indian fighters when they crossed the line of control (LoC).

Hassan passed his matriculation from Karachi’s prominent educational institution Usman Public School as he was the standout student at the time and he was also elected as leader of his companions.

His fried disclosing memories said, “Hassan had found of drawing planes during drawing period and he was also very famous among the students and in his area.”

Hassan friends expressing their views said that he hailed a very respected family and is playing a constructive role in the building of society.