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Pakistan Expresses Concern Over Indian Anti-Satellite Weapon Test

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has expressed deep concern over the assessment of relevant organizations and international experts on the threats resulting from space debris generated by the recently conducted Anti-Satellite weapon test by India.

In a statement issued here from the federal capital, the Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Faisal said the reports that some of the space debris created by the Indian test has been pushed above the apogee of the International Space Station increasing the risk of collision are deeply worrying.

The Spokesperson said Pakistan remains a strong proponent of non-militarization of outer space.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week announced that the country had destroyed a low-orbiting satellite in a missile test, becoming the fourth country in the world to have carried out the feat.

“This is a proud moment for India,” the prime minister had said in his first televised national address since late 2016.

“India has registered its name in the list of space superpowers. Until now, only three countries had achieved this feat,” he said, just weeks before the country goes to the polls.