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Pakistan Faces Terror Threats From External Forces: Lodhi

New York (October 7, 2017): Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Maleeha Lodhi has said that Pakistan facing terror threats “primarily supported and financed from outside its borders.”

While addressing to a ceremony in New York, Maleeha Lodhi said that Pakistan is able to defeat these external forces too. Highlighting Pakistan’s successful fight against terrorism, Lodhi said that the country has turn the tide against terrorism as a result of its comprehensive efforts over the past several years, supported by a firm domestic political consensus.

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“We have launched an across-the-board military campaign to destroy terrorist infrastructures and bases in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region and our tribal areas,” she added.

 “We also embarked on a law enforcement operation targeting those elements in our urban areas that had fled our military operations in the tribal areas”, Lodhi said.

The success of Pakistan’s two-pronged approach, she said, has resulted in the sharp reduction of terrorist activities across Pakistan over the past two years. According to the Global Terrorism Index, terrorism in Pakistan is now at its lowest point since 2006.

 “We have lost over 27,000 citizens and law enforcement personnel to this scourge and have also suffered economic losses of over US$120 billion”, she added.

Expressing Pakistan’s firm resolve to continue its fight against terrorism, Lodhi said that these human and financial losses have not diminished Pakistan’s commitment to fight against this menace. “It has only reinforced our will to fight until the last terrorist is eliminated from our soil”, she stressed.

The Pakistani envoy called for urgent and focused attention to address festering disputes and unresolved conflicts, unlawful use of force, aggression, foreign occupation and denial of the right to self-determination.

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