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Pakistan Hands Over final Draft of Karatarpur Corridor to India

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has handed over the final draft of the bilateral accord of Pakistan and India in connection with the opening of Kartarpur Corridor to India on Monday.

As per details, the draft of the bilateral treaty was handed over to the Indian High Commission on Friday evening. Pakistan has maintained a $20 fee per pilgrim in draft. Likewise, Pakistan has also admitted Indian demands in the final draft.

Followers of Sikh, Hindu, Christian and Pagans communities would be able to visit Shrine via Kartarpur Corridor. According to the draft, five thousand pilgrims can visit the shrine on a daily basis whereas India is bound to give a list of devotees as many as ten days earlier.

Officials of Pakistan will verify and finalize the list of visitors four days prior arrival of the devotees.

On the other hand, the Indian signature on draft is compulsory after their approval.