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Pakistan Reacts Sharply to Pence’s Statement

Islamabad (December 22, 2017): Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua has expressed concern over the comments made by American  Vice President Mike Pence  regarding Pakistan and its role in the war against terrorism during his unannounced visit to Afghanistan.

Addressing the Senate’s Standing Committee on External Affairs, Janjua said the recent comments by the US vice president and Pentagon were worrisome, and urged the United States to treat both Pakistan and India on an equal footing.

“How can unilateral action be taken on a single source of information?” she asked.

“Pakistan has no terrorist sanctuaries,” she asserted, adding that the presence of terrorists in Afghanistan has been detrimental to Pakistan’s safety. She also accused India of using Afghan soil to destabilise Pakistan.

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Rejecting Pence’s claim on the presence of terrorists on the Pakistani side of the Pak-Afghan border, Janjua said that Operation Khyber-2 had already cleansed the area of terrorists.

“However, if actionable intelligence is provided to us, Pakistan can conduct intelligence-based operations,” she added.

“The bigger question is how will the US address Pakistan’s concerns? Terrorists wanted in Pakistan are hiding away in Afghanistan and the refugee situation is also creating major problems for us.”

The FO during a weekly press briefing on Thursday had warned against a “malicious campaign” being used to trivialise Pakistan’s achievements in the war against terrorism, days after US President Donald Trump announced a new National Security Strategy (NSS) which is tough on Pakistan.

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In an apparent warning to Pakistan during his surprise visit to Afghanistan on Thursday, Pence said that Pakistan has “much to gain from partnering with our efforts in Afghanistan. The days to shelter terrorists have gone. It has much to lose by continuing to harbour terrorists.”

Pence also said President Trump has “put Pakistan on notice for providing safe haven” to the terrorists on its soil. Janjua pointed out that during US Defence chief James Mattis’ recent visit to Pakistan, the regional security situation and bilateral relations between the US and Pakistan were brought under discussion.

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She said Mattis had assured Pakistan of resolving the issue of use of Afghan soil by terrorists to carry out attacks in Pakistan.

The United States should take into consideration Pakistan’s concerns, and treat both Pakistan and India equally, she said.

The foreign secretary said Pakistan has destroyed terrorists’ safe havens on its soil. She added that talks between Pakistan and US are ongoing regarding the US’ one-sided statements.

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