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Pakistan rejects international propaganda against nuke programme

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has strongly rejected international propaganda against its nuclear programme as the Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson said that Sunday Times’ report was completely baseless as the country has not involved in any nuclear deal with Saudi Arabia.

FO spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah in a weekly press briefing in Islamabad said that Pakistan wished for friendly ties with neighbouring India besides seeking establishment of regional and international peace.

He refuted reports for any nuke deal with Saudi Arabia.

While answering a question, Khalilullah said that Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) were signed for intel exchange between Pakistan and Afghanistan. He said that Pakistan is against drone attacks and apprised the stance to U.S. and international community.

He said that Russian President’s visit to Pakistan is not scheduled so far. He rejected to comment over Axact Co. scandal, said that the matter concerned with interior ministry while no foreign country expressed reservations regarding Axact Co.