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Pakistan Squad To Undergo Fourth Coronavirus Test Tomorrow

Christ Church:The 54-member Pakistani squad will undergo fourth coronavirus test on Thursday (tomorrow) while eight players haves tested positive for the virus so far while infected but coronavirus-free players allowed to join the squad.

Sarfaraz Ahmed and Muhammad Abbass joined the Pakistani squad while three players coroanvirus history is being reviewed while those will clear fourth coronavirus test will be able to start the training.

The visiting squad of Pakistani team has been quarantined for a week and while on 12th day they will undergo final test.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has requested to cancel first four-day match and set the new dates for the match.

The match has to be played at Queen’s town on December 10 and the team has to move to the venue on December 8 from Christ Church.

The PCB viewed that the players who remained locked in the rooms are not ready to play physically and mentally.