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Pakistan Stressed to Learn From Indian Maritime Doctrine

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan can draw lessons from the Indian Maritime Economics Doctrine ‘Sagar Mala’ to cut the costs and address the fault lines of large scale infrastructure projects to develop its coastlines and maritime sector.

This was the crux of the brainstorming session organized by Maritime Study Forum (MSF) on Monday on “Indian Maritime Economics Doctrine SAGAR MALA: its Fault Lines and Leads for Pakistan”.

The session was attended among others by academics, experts, researchers and doctorate students of leading universities.

President MSF Dr Syed Muhammad Anwer in his welcome remarks shed light on the objective of holding the session.

He said that the main aim of the session is to study the infrastructure and port-led development project of Sagar Mala to find as what lessons Pakistan can draw from the Indian experience.

Dr Aneel Salman, a member of MSF Board of Director, gave a brief overview of ‘Sagar Mala Project and potentials of Blue Economy’. He pointed out that maritime has largely been a neglected sector in Pakistan. Whatever little emphasis is given is on the maritime security, and the economic, environmental and socio-economic aspects of the maritime, which is dubbed as blue economy, have been overlooked.

He highlighted the environmental, ecological, and other costs, besides discussing the economic, socio-economic and other benefits of the project.

He added that Sagar Mala project is an initiative of the Indian government to promote port-led direct and indirect development and to provide infrastructure to transport goods to and from ports quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Zaheerudeen Dar, CEO Dartways Consultancy, spoke on the topic of “An Insight on Logistics and Connectivity Vis a Vis Sagar Mala Project of India.

After the panellists’ talks, the participants were divided into two groups, and each group did a brainstorming exercise on the given top. Group A was given the topic of “Maritime Economy – Blue Economy” for the exercise.

The Group B was given the topic of Maritime Security and Diplomacy (Blue Diplomacy), which dwelt at length on the issue of coastal management (Port, Vessel and Facility Security), routes security (piracy and smuggling) and others to draw lessons for Pakistan to learn.

The brainstorming exercise was followed by feedback and remarks from the panellists.