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Pakistan to Conduct Test Fire of Different Missiles in Coming Days

Khalid Jamil

Islamabad (July 3, 2017): Pakistan has decided to test fire more missiles of different range in coming  days.

Sources said that the high military and civilian leadership decided to conduct test fire of different range missiles.

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The tests will be conducted in coming days.

They said that the decision was taken keeping in view the regional situation and defence of the country.

In March this year, Pakistan Navy had successfully test-fired surface-to-sea missile.

The missile, equipped with avionics modern technology, accurately hit its target in the sea.

On January 24, Pakistan test-fired 2,200-kilometre range indigenously-developed surface to surface nuclear-capable missile Ababeel. The missile is capable of delivering multiple warheads, using Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology.

The Ababeel test flight was aimed at validating various design and technical parameters of the weapon system.

During the same month, submarine-launched cruise missile Babur-III was successfully test-fired. Babur weapons system incorporates advanced aerodynamics and avionics that can strike targets both at land and sea with high accuracy at a range of 700kms.

Babur-III is a low flying, terrain hugging missile, which carries certain stealth features and is capable of carrying various types of warheads.

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