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‘Pakistan To Retaliate Immediately Against Any Indian Misadventure’

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan in his speech to nation on Tuesday announced that Pakistan will not wait to think for retaliation but it would retaliate against any misadventure by India.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was addressing the nation on Tuesday at 1:00pm in order to give policy statement of Pakistan over Pulwama incident.

He said that Pakistan was blamed for involvement in Pulwama attack without any investigation while India should tell them what Islamabad has taken advantage of.

He admitted that Pakistan wanted to respond earlier but it was postponed following focus on visiting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

PM Imran Khan said Pakistan wanted peace and stability in the region and it adopted clear policy of eliminating terrorism as neither it supports exporting terrorism from its land nor anybody was allowed to spread terrorism on its soil.

PM said he wanted to offer Indian one more time to move forward open mindedly as war was not resolve to any issue and dialogues only way to find solution. He added that Pakistan was most affected country by terrorism while Afghanistan was not pursuing dialogues after many years of war.

He said that Pakistan was ready to open investigation of Pulwama attack if India provides them evidences. He also offered to hold dialogues with India on the issue of terrorism.

It is pertinent to mention here that India is continuously blaming Pakistan after Pulwama attack which was earlier rejected by the Foreign Ministry. The ministry also offered New Delhi to provide evidence but no reply was made so far by India.