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Pakistan, US Can Settle Differences: Aizaz Chaudhry

Web Desk(May 12, 2018) : Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, the Pakistan Ambassador to US has said that the differences between Pakistan and the US can we resolved.

Chaudhry’s remarks come a day after Pakistan imposed travel restrictions on US diplomats as vengeance to US barring diplomats working at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington from travelling outside of a 25-mile radius around the city without approval.While speaking to media about Pakistan’s move, Chaudhry remarked that it is a ‘good step’, adding that the mechanism will work as a 24-hour hotline to report any inquiries or issues others might have.

Yesterday, reacting to the movement ban, the Foreign Office (FO) unveiled a set of changes in the government’s dealing with US diplomats in the country through a notification.

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Starting today, the FO said American diplomats will also have to take prior permission to travel, something which was earlier done only in special cases,  will not be afforded the luxury of ‘fast-track’ luggage clearance at airports, will not be allowed to have more than one passport and will stay in the country strictly as per their visa date.Moreover, the FO said the diplomats will not be allowed to use tinted glass on their vehicles, which was allowed as a protection measure, and diplomatic license plates on unauthorized vehicles. Additionally, non-diplomatic number plates given to conceal diplomatic status for protection will also be taken back.

Earlier, the trump administration imposed travel restriction on Pakistani diplomats.

The restrictions will also extend to the family members of the diplomats in the country.

In a letter sent by the US State Department, the Pakistani diplomatic staff would need permission at least five days in advance if they need to travel outside of the imposed 25 miles radius.

Pakistan has an embassy in Washington DC and four consulates in the rest of the country.Last month, the Trump administration communicated to the Pakistani government that its officials working in the US could face restrictions in their travel if similar limitations on American diplomats in Pakistan are not eased up.

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