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Pakistani-Canadian YouTuber Claims She was Kicked Out of Mall

Web Desk (April 30, 2018): Pakistani born Canadian YouTuber Laiba Zaid, famously known as ‘Bodmonzaid, is currently visiting Pakistan with her entire family, but seems like this trip to her native country did not go as her plans.

With a following of 1.4 million on Instagram and more than a half million on YouTube, Laiba is popular on social media, a famous beauty guru and also a gym fanatic. Laiba was born in Pakistan and her family later shifted to Canada.

Thank you to all the girls that made it out tonight in Lahore … if you saw what happened and left the mall with me I LOWE YOU GUYS. The management in that mall is whack as F, my dad went personally himself THREE times to see if they could arrange a meet n greet and each time the marketing manager didn’t even wanna meet him and then when I showed up INSTEAD OF HELPING ME IN A PROFESSIONAL WAY, THE WHACK Management started threatening my dad, kicked us all out ANDD ON TOP OF THAT THEY ALL TAKING SELFIE VIDEOS OF ME @ the same time. REGARDLESS, they were doing their job (the upper management are the rude disrespectful ones) and I had fun recording all of it 👏🏼👏🏼 anyways love you guys for coming ❤️ Learned my lesson: NO MORE unplanned meet ups, I created a big enough mess today, totally could have been avoided🌚

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She recently came back to her native country and visited a famous mall in Lahore, where she was welcomed by many of her fans and Laiba even posted the video of the crowd cheering her. However, in the same post ‘Bodmanzaid’ also claimed that she was kicked out of the mall by the management.

I’m literally only going to say this once to paint a clear image for those who weren’t at the meet and greet today … you see my face? IM LAUGHING, watch my snaps… IM SMILING throughout the entire process of being kicked out and moving outside. Read the captions in the previous post AND the one on @bodmonzaid you’ll see I admit to making a mistake with an unplanned meet up. My anger is not towards the guards who escorted me out, it IS to the upper management who were THREATENING my parents talking to them in the most disgusting disrespectful way n NEVER once speaking to me directly when I tried to talk to them, the same management people who were asking the lady guards to GRAB me and literally try and drag me out the mall WHEN IM WALKING OUT BY MYSELF after they asked me to. SOOO.. to the handful of you that wanna come at me telling me I’m playing victim and how dare I plan this without their permission and try this in Canada to see the same result: #1. My meet up was at 6pm-730pm, I got kicked out at 615pm. I left the mall the minute they asked me to, the crowd yelling and following was purely a decision made by everyone there, NOT me #2. If I tried this shit in Canada, and they asked me to leave I WOULD LEAVE. It’s not about being kicked out, it’s simply the fact that the management was DISRESPECTFUL TO MY DAD AND MOM. Point. Blank. Period. I COULD BE ANYWHERE AND IF MY FAMILY IS BEING DISRESPECTED THATS A WRAP FOR ME YOU DONT GET MY RESPECT. So stop playing this “you’re trying to make Pakistan look bad” when I’d do the same exact thing if my parents were disrespected In a dif country. Why do y’all assume I’m TRYING TO make Pakistan look bad on purpose? I was born in Pakistan, I have a Pakistani citizenship, I’m simply recording my experiences as I do in Canada. My meet and greets can be held anywhere, I had no idea this would be the outcome but at least now I know I need to be more careful so I don’t make any one else’s job harder than it needs to be and they can be properly prepared for whatever will come and my parents will be respected. I see everyone’s comments, I appreciate all the love I had SO MUCH FUNNN!!! Karachi I’m coming for you

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The beauty guru claimed that her dad went to see the mall’s management to talk about arranging a meet and greet with her fans but the mall’s marketing manager refused to meet him and kicked her and her family out of the mall.

Laiba then added she would have left the mall if she was asked to, be it Pakistan or Canada, but she said that the rude behavior of the management with her father and mother was unacceptable.