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Pakistani Community In UK Donates For Dam Fund

London (October 09, 2018): Pakistan Community arranged fund raising ceremony for Bhasha Dam in Woking City.

The ceremony was attended by a large number of Pakistani community living in UK.

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Addressing on the occasion, speakers admired step of CJP to construct dam. Construction of dams in Pakistan will secure upcoming nations, said, speakers.

The Pakistani community generously donated for the dam fund on the occasion.

Earlier on September 24, Supreme Court of Pakistan renamed Diamir Bhasha and Mohmand Dam Fund as “Supreme Court, Prime Minister Diamir Bhasha and Mohmand Dam Fund.”

Hearing a case regarding change of dam fund case in the apex court, CJP ordered to write the Supreme Court’s name first before Prime Minister. Supreme Court is an institution, while the Prime Minister is a personality, remarked CJP.

If PM wants to join hands for the contribution of funds for the dam, we do not have any objection, said CJP while hearing.Prime Minister took permission from me before changing dam fund name, not from the bench, remarked CJP.

Earlier on September 18, the Supreme Court of Pakistan issued a detailed verdict over the construction of dams aimed to overcome the shortage of water in the country.

The verdict issued by the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Main Saqib Nisar which is comprised of 26 pages.

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He mentioned in his verdict that the economy of the entire world depends on water, however, the glacier melting rapidly intensified and will further continue in the future that is leading to the scarcity of the water.

The verdict mentioned that World Bank in its 1983 report termed the construction of dam on Kalabagh dam unavoidable.  “As an agricultural country Pakistan desperately requires water and its existence depends on it, therefore everyone agreed on the scarcity of water and its utmost need in the future,” he stated in his written verdict.

He suggested to set cost of water so that people could keep the water safe and use it carefully and with responsibility, Indus water river authority should install meters to estimate the use of water, the strategy should be evolved to accumulate the rainwater and drive should be launched to create awareness over the wise use of water.ڈیم سے روکنے کی کوشش پر آرٹیکل 6 کے تحت کارروائی ہوگی،چیف جسٹسThe decision also mentioned that Pakistan on the bottom of the list of countries who reserved less water as the government in previous had not taken steps to protect the country’s water resources.

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