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Pakistani Dr Dies In UK Fighting COVID-19

LONDON: Dr Habib Zaidi, a distinguished Pakistani British doctor has lost his life after spending 24 hours in intensive care at Southend Hospital.

According to Sarah Zaidi, Dr Zaidi’s daughter, who is also a doctor, he had contracted the deadly coronavirus in his duties as a doctor. She said, “For that (coronavirus) to be the thing that took him is too much to bear. It is reflective of his sacrifice. He had a vocational attitude to service.

“He was treated as a definitive case. There is little clinical doubt it is coronavirus, the test result is academic.” Dr Habib Zaidi, 76, had been in self-isolation for a week and had not been seeing patients because he suspected he had contracted the viral coronavirus after symptoms of the virus became apparent. If the test results come positive Dr Zaidi will be the first doctor to die of the deadly COVID-19 in the UK.