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Pakistani Sania becomes youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

A five years old child Sania Saeed has made a youngest world record in Microsoft Certified professional.

The name of Roma Saeed has come into the field of IT after the death of Arfa karim in Pakistan and not only this,  in same house not one, two  but four IT record holders  came in front. Interestingly, the youngest child Sania, in five years and eight months, have broken the record of her three sisters and brothers, beside this her elder sister and teacher Roma also delighted of her sister achievement.

Moreover, Sania Saeed having sagacious also got a computer interest in inheritance although, her parents are not educated but her little angel they are very proud for her achievement. On her children they are extremely happy but, on the other hand they are very much concerned about government promises.

The recent achievement of Sania is a continuation of family’s children intelligence where Sania’s elder sister and two brothers names are already included in youngest World Microsoft Certified.