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Pakistan’s Commissioner for Indus Waters Establishes Flood Info Cell

Islamabad (July 14, 2017): A cell has been established at the office of Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters to obtain advance information from India on rains and floods and pass it on to all concerned.

According to Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters Mirza Asif Baig his Indian counterpart has agreed to provide the advance flood information in Monsoon in line with arrangements made during last year. This means that India has not agreed to supply inflows to the reservoirs and their water levels on the Eastern Rivers.

The Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters, however, said his office would supply estimated levels and empty capacities of the reservoirs on the Eastern rivers.

As per agreement with the Indian Commissioner, the information regarding the flood flows will also be broadcast by Jammu Radio Stations at 0900 hours, 1430 hours and 2240 hours Pakistan Standards Time. The information would related to Chenab at Akhnoor for 75,000 Cusecs and above; Jammu Tawi at Jammu for 20,000 Cusecs and above and Ravi below Madhopur for 30,000 Cusecs and above.

India will also provide information on flood flows about Sutlej at Rupar below; Hanke below and Ferozepur below as well as Ravi at Madhopur below.

According to the arrangement, releases from Bhakra reservoir on River Sutlej, Pong reservoir on Beas River and Thein reservoir on River Ravi are also to be supplied to Pakistan daily.

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