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Janjua Calls For Change of Pakistan’s Perception In Int’l Media

Islamabad(May 13, 2018): National Security Advisor Nasser Khan Janjua on Sunday has said that Pakistan is a predecessor of peace, but the perception of international media creating problems, which needs to be corrected with the reality check. 

Addressing a conference of international news agencies organized by Associated Press of Pakistan in Islamabad under the theme of the conference is “Pakistan’s Media – Opportunities and Challenges”, with the special focus on “News Agencies”,Nasser Khan Janjua said different perceptions exist about Pakistan in the world.

Sometimes, it is considered a poor Muslim country that is insecure due to threats of extremism and terrorism.

It is also dubbed as a nuclear country at times where nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists. Pakistan is being blamed for playing the double game in Afghanistan.  However, these perceptions are not based on reality.

Presenting a pictorial reflection of Pakistan, Nasser Khan Janjua said Pakistan is a country of over two hundred million people and holds rich culture and diversity, which needs to be highlighted in international media.

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