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Panama Case: Counsel of PM’s Children Submits ‘New’ Docs

Islamabad (July 20, 2017): The counsel of prime minister’s children Salman Akram Raja will submit what he says new documents before the three-member bench of the Supreme Court which is hearing the Panama case.

It may be mentioned here that Salman had asked the court for time to submit new documents yesterday.

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Talking to media outside the Supreme Court before the start of the hearing today Salman said the new documents that he would be presenting today comprise ones that he claimed were neglected by the JIT that probed the case, compiled the report which it had submitted in the court of the 10th of this month.

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At the start of the hearing today when Salman begun arguing his side of the case Justice Azmat Saeed addressing Salman said, “Salman Akram Raja saheb, all your documents have been discussed in the media.” Salman replied, “I had tried on my own collect the documents, they were not released to the media by me.”

The JIT drew results from the letter of UAE’s Ministry of Justice but JIT did not ask any question over this to Hussain Nawaz. In addition, the certified documents submitted by Hussain Nawaz were not accepted. Here Salman also read the letter of the UAE’s Ministry of Justice to the court that said that UAE authorities replied about not having the record of the Gulf Mill agreement while the transaction of 12 million Dirhams was also denied.

The letter, Salman further argued, also said that there was no record of custom record of the shifting of the machinery. There must have been a serious mistake by the UAE authorities because this was not scrap but machinery, he added.

The JIT asked wrong questions and declared all my documents fake, the machinery was transferred to Jeddah from Dubai vide Abu Dhabi and no record is kept of movement of goods within the UAE, Salman argued.

Continuing his arguments Salman said that no one expressed any doubt  about the transfer of machinery before, codes are written in packing, the JIT drew the findings on the basis of the documents acquired from the source. The point is that 63 million were deposited in my account and the rest should be followed from this point on,  the JIT should had asked questions about this, Salman argued.

What I mean to say is this that this was a family matter of which there is no written reply. The two partners of Azizia namely Rabia and Abbas Sharif could come to court, Salman said. The remaining two partners did not challenge Azizia’s sale, he added.

The petitioners say that Maryam Nawaz owns London flats and we say Hussain owns them, this makes no difference, Salman argued. Maryam, Hassan, and Hussain did no wrong, they only received their shares, he added.

At this point when addressing Salman Justice Azmat Saeed said, “Mr. Salman Akram Raja get past Qatri” Salman replied, “when the court is putting a question mark I would be given the opportunity to respond.”

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