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Panama JIT is PMLN’s Election Cell: Tahirul Qadri

Lahore (June 11, 2017): Leader of Pakistan Awami Tehreek Tahirul-Qadri has said that Hussain Nawaz was photographed sitting on the chair to give an impression that as if he is being victimized to help him earn sympathy. All work and progress over the Model Town carnage is being stopped over which we reserve the right not only to wage a legal war but also to stage protest, he added while talking to media at airport here on returning to country.

Saying that returning back to country at this time of the year is a routine for training his followers during Aatikaf Qadri informed that he would be meeting his lawyers to discuss Model Town incident which is pending hearing at the Lahore High Court for the last two years mainly due to formation and disbanding of benches but no one seems to be bothered.

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We could only go into appeal after the court makes the decision. The police officers who were held responsible are not being produced in the court and even the mastermind has not even been called, Qadri added.

Law is being violated left, right, and centre in the country, this is the status of law and justice in this country but we would keep waging the war for Qisas till our death to keep demanding the retribution for the blood of martyrs killed in cold blood in Model Town. Everyone knows about the conditions of courts in this country but we would never lose courage and hope and will continue fighting till justice is served to us and we are hopeful of justice being done to us, Qadri said.

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Anyone, Qadri continued, who has any expectations from the JIT probing the Panama case surprises me because it is actually the election cell on the ruling PMLN and it is working as such for PMLN. A drama is being played with the entire nation over Panama, the JIT in its totality is a drama, JIT is an employee of PMLN, JIT is a portion of a movie, JIT is busy producing election slogans for PMLN, JIT embers are shoe polishers of the rulers, JIT’s photograph of Hussain Nawaz is also also a part of PMLN’s election campaign, this country does not have what it takes to change the status quo which would never be won easily but for which the nation and the people have to struggle. The change would only come when the poor rise and when the entire nation rises and we are trying to change the system, Qadri said.

The rulers of this country are the agents of the enemies of Pakistan sovereignty, we would bring all the political parties on one platform against the present rulers. We are in contact with the leadership of all the political parties and are consulting with all the political parties. The nation needs to get united on a single point agenda, Qadri said.

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