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Panama Leaks: Text of rebuttal filed by PM’s children in Supreme Court

ISLAMABAD: The reply filed by the counsel of prime ministers children- Maryam, Hassan, and Hussain- plead the five-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Pakistan Anwar Zaheer Jamali which heard the Panama Leaks case today to dismiss the case because the allegations are not true.

Denying any wrongdoing the statements filed by the counsel of prime minister’s children said that their paternal grandfather Mian Sharif was the owner of Ittefaq Foundry which was nationalized by the government in 1972 and all the accounts of Ittefaq Foundry were also seized.

The Sharif family was once again a target of revenge in 1999 that included stern accountability of its assets but the army dictator failed to find anything illegal. Our grandfather had established Gulf Steel Mill in UAE in 1974, the statement says, for which not only the UAE government provided the land on lease but also provided other facilities. The steel mill was established from the loan taken from a bank in the UAE and no money was transferred to UAE from Pakistan.

After paying back the loan to the bank 75 percent shares of the mill were sold in 1978 and two years later in 1980 its reaming 25 percent shares were also sold. The money received from the sales of the remaining 25 percent shares was invested in real estate business of Al Thani family which purchased the flats in London through the offshore companies. In view of close and old relations the Al Thani family allowed Sharif family to use these apartments in London. Al Thani family bore all the expenses of these apartments.

After Sharif family was exiled Al Thani family was asked to return the investment money to Hussain Nawaz and in 2006 the Al Thani family transferred the London flats in the name of Hussain Nawaz in return of investment. Maryam Nawaz was made the trustee as a result of an agreement between her and Hussain Nawaz and since 2006 the properties are owned by Hussain Nawaz, the documents says.