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Parachanar: Trump Speech Draws Ire from Protestors

Parachanar (August 27, 2017): Various political, social, and religious parties and organizations staged a protest against the statement of US President Donald Trump and in support of the armed forces of the country here.

The speakers addressing the protest rally announcing an all out support to the armed forces of Pakistan said that they have given unmatched sacrifices in Pakistan’s war against terrorism.

American blame game is sorrowful because the Pakistani forces are still fighting terrorism at various fronts. A country which has dropped two atom bombs on Japan and has destroyed numerous countries including Afghanistan and Iraq should take a deep and hard look at its own workings before plastering accusation on any nation, the speakers said.

Asking global powers to play their role to stop America from leveling baseless accusations the protestors asked the mastermind of such militant outfits as Daesh and Al Qaeda to take a good look at itself.

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