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Parliament has Lost Today: Hasil Bizenjo

Islamabad (March 12, 2018): Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo, president of the PML-N-allied National Party, gave a passionate speech on the Senate floor after the elections concluded, saying: “It has been practically proven today that hegemonic forces are more supreme than the parliament.

“In his speech after the election of chairman and deputy chairman senate, he said, “I am feeling embarrassment to sit in a parliament, parliament itself defeated and the super segment of the society has proved that how can they turned the parliament into market.”

In a reference to undemocratic forces, he said today’s election was a victory for the hegemonic classes and not any leader of the PPP.He said the parliament has lost today, but it would have won had Raza Rabbani been elected Senate chairman.

“I am ashamed to be sitting here in this House,” he said.

Bizenjo urged the institutions and political parties to let the country follow its democratic course, warning that if things remained the same the federation will see the “worst days of its history.”

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