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Parliamentary Committee To Decide For Caretaker CM in KP

Peshawar (June 01, 2018): Parliamentary Committee comprising of eight members will now decide the name of the caretaker CM in KP, as govt, the opposition failed to reach consensus yesterday till midnight.

The matter of nominating caretaker Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be referred to election commission, if the parliamentary committee fails to reach any consensus.

The opposition was forcing government on the names of Manzoor Afridi and Justice Retired, Dost Muhammad Khosa, whereas former CM KPK presented names of Aijaz Qureshi and Himayatullah Khan.It is worthwhile to mention here that deadlock between the government and opposition prevailed, when PTI Government after consensus on the name of Manzoor Afridi, took his name back.

The Opposition and Government held meetings after taking back the name of Manzoor Afridi, but they could not find consensus on any name.

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