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PCB Board of Governors Meeting Postponed as Trouble Brews

QUETTA: The 53rd meeting of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Board of Governors (BoG) was postponed after some members refused to accept the appointment of Managing Director (MD) Wasim Khan.

The meeting agenda was rejected by five out of seven members. “The meeting was adjourned for a later date due to an incomplete quorum,” PCB said in a statement.

In a resolution written and signed by five of the seven BoG members, they demanded that MD Wasim Khan’s appointment and the unconstitutional post of MD PCB be declared null and void.

Any move to abolish departments and regions in the restructuring of domestic cricket and demanded the formation of a Domestic Cricket Restructuring Committee (DCRC) to draw up proposals for domestic restructuring, to be presented at a special BoG meeting on April 30 in Lahore, the statement read.