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Peace Can Not Be Established In World Until Kashmir Issue Is Resolved: Mishal Malik

ISLAMABAD: Wife of Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, Mishal Malik has asked the United Nations when it will take action on Kashmir.

On an occasion of world peace day, Mishal Malik in her video message peace in the world can not be established until the Kashmir dispute is resolved.

The Hurriyat leader wife said that the UN gives the whole world a message of peace but Kashmir is the old dispute on its charter that needs to resolve.

She said that India wanted to kill Kashmiris through hunger and thirst and we are waiting when the world body will take action on the Kashmir.

She demanded the UN attribute its peace day with Kashmir fearing that if nuclear war starts then it will destroy the weather system of the whole world.

If we wanted to save humanity then we have to solve the Kashmir issue.