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Peace In Afghanistan Vital For Pakistan As Well, Siraj Ul Haq

Multan: Ameer Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Siraj Ul Haq said that Afghans have defeated the superpower America adding that peace in Afghanistan crucially vital for Pakistan as well.

Addressing a presser in Multan the JI Ameer Siraj Ul Haq said that Afghanistan first remained victorious in the war against Russia and now again it got a victory against the US and the Nato forces in the battleground.

The JI Ameer Siraj said after Afghanistan victory over the foreign allied forces the situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan will improve.

Lamenting on the PTI-led government, he said that petrol, gas, electricity rates have risen and change that brought in is just that currency value has depreciated.

Siraj said that what measures the government has taken fulfil its claim of building the country on the lines of the welfare state of Madina adding that the PTI did not fulfil its promises.

He demanded the government to end its non-development expenditures.

The ameer JI said that Zeeshan was declared terrorist in the Sahiwal incident while there is no rule around the world that one got punishment without giving him right to defence against allegations.

He said in the rein of PTI, Molana Sami Ul Haq murdered but still, murderers could not be apprehended.

Talking about Southern Punjab, he said it is the least developed area of the country and every government did not fulfil promises made to this area.

He demanded the government to make South Punjab a province.