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Peshawar: Woman Tortured to Death By Her In-Laws

Peshawar (August 01, 2018): Another woman has became the victim of in-laws’ brutality in Peshawar.

According to details, a 20 years-old woman has been tortured and electrocuted by her in-laws in Bara Sheikhan, area of Peshawar.

Brother of the deceased said that, ‘my sister has been tortured and murdered by in-laws, and they later refused to give the dead body, to hide their crime’.

Police took the immediate action to collect the dead body and moved it to hospital for postmortem. Postmortem reports gives the confirmation of brutal violence with the deceased.

Police has arrested husband and father-in-law of woman after filing the case of the incident.

Earlier, in the first six months of current year, nineteen cases of women being killed after the violence, were reported in various districts of KPK. While, according to a private organization, 152 cases of violence over women, have been reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, during this span.

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