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Petrol Price Slashed by Rs 2.07 Per Liter

Islamabad (March 31, 2018): Just before the end of present government tenure the petrol prices have been decreased by Rs 2.07 per liter that will give some relief to masses.  

The finance minister has approved the decreased in petrol prices by Rs 2.07 and Diesel price by Rs 2.00 per liter.

According to Finance ministry notification the prices of Kerosene oil and light diesel will remain unchanged.

The new petrol price, after slash of Rs 2.07, will be Rs 86 per liter and diesel, after decrease of Rs 2, will be sold at Rs 96.45 per liter

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) on Friday recommended a decrease of Rs 5.26 per litre in price of motor gasoline (petrol) for the month of April 2018.

The regulation body has suggested the government to increase the per liter cost of light speed diesel by Rs. 0.55 and kerosene oil by Rs. 0.13 per liter.