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PIA denies reports about drugs sieze, detention of staff in London

Karachi (May 16, 2017): PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar has dismissed the reports that a huge cache of Heroin from a Pakistan International Airlines flight at the Heathrow Airport is seized or the crew members were detained by London Police.

The News spread on Media today that PIA’s passenger flight has been detained at Heathrow Airport and huge cache of drugs (Heroin) has been seized, however PIA spokesperson has categorically denied the reports and said the 13 crew members, including the pilot, had finished their duties after flying from Islamabad to London.

They were never scheduled to fly on PK-785 from London to Lahore in the first place, the spokesperson added.

According to the spokesperson, PK-785 landed in Lahore earlier today accompanied with a new crew. The original crew stayed back in London after its duty had ended, as per schedule, the spokesperson claimed.

The spokesman said PIA’s flight PK-785 arrived London from Islamabad on Sunday. The plane was searched at Heathrow Airport for security reasons, however, the crew members were not detained instead they were stopped for a moment during the search of the flight.

Tajwar further added that passports of the crew members had been returned.

PIA management in London was trying to find out reasons behind the searching of the plane and reports of detention, he added.

According to PIA sources, a protest will be lodged over the heavy-handedness of the police.

PIA’s London manager has been directed to apprise over the situation occurred at the airport, the spokesman added.

Earlier, there were reports the British Police detained the crew of the Pakistan International Airlines flight here at the Heathrow Airport over security threats on Tuesday.

The British authorities detained at least thirteen crew members from PIA’s flight PK-785 coming from Islamabad to London, according to the reports.

The crew was briefly detained for interrogation over security concerns.

However, the crew was later released as nothing was found during the search of the crew and plane during an investigation at the Heathrow Airport.

On February 8, a PIA plane flying to Heathrow Airport was forced to land at London’s Stansted Airport evening over security threats.

According to British Police, the aircraft was diverted due to reports of a disruptive passenger.

Later in the day, News reports also came about seizing huge cache of Heroin from the flight, however PIA spokesperson has categorically denied these kind of reports.

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