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PIA Plane Makes Crash Landing at Lahore Airport

Lahore (Sep 5, 2017): A PIA plane coming from Abu Dhabi made an emergency landing at Lahore airport on Tuesday after a fault developed in its hydraulic system during the flight.

As per details, fault developed in hydraulic system a PIA plane coming from Abu Dhabi after which it made crash landing at Lahore airport.

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Sources said that during the flight, the hydraulic pipe of the plane developed fault and engine cover of the plane opened in the sky. The plane received several shakes in the air.

Following it the plane made crash landing at Lahore Airport.

During the landing the passengers become frightened and started reciting verses from Holy Quran and Kalma. However, the pilot safely landed the plane at airport.

Due to crash landing, airport remained closed for flights for over 30 minutes.

Later, the plane was removed through machines. Airport sources said that the passengers of the planes remained safe during the crash landing, however the plane suffered partial damage.

A PIA engineers team was called from Karachi for repairing the plane.

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