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Pictorial Of FIFA World Cup Upsets So Far…

Web Desk(June 27, 2018): FIFA World Cup is underway in Russia, the Mega Event kicked off with an upset in which host Russia who are ranked last in the FIFA Football World  Ranking beaten Kindgom of Saudi Arbaia  3-0 to register their first ever win in the mega event.

Here are the some of the biggest upsets of the football world cup until now.

Russia Vs KSA:
Match between Argentina and Iceland draw 1-1 as Messi failed to score penalty.

Argentina Vs Iceland:

Mexico beat defending Champions Germany by 1-0 to create another upset of the world cup.

Germany Vs Mexico:

Upsets continued in the mega event later, when Russia beaten Iran by  3-1 in all important match.

Iran Vs Russia:

Another set back for Messi’s Argentina as Croatia beaten them by 3-0.

Argentina Vs Croatia: 

Major upset of the mega event was when South Korea beaten defending champions Germany 2-0 to sent them back home.

Germany Vs South Korea:

Another upset was reported when Sweden beaten Mexico 3-0.

Mexico Vs Sweden:

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