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Plane Crash: Family of Mujtaba Waiting For His Body

KARACHI: The heirs of Ahmed Mujtaba, a passenger who was boarding PIA ill-fated flight that crashed in Karachi, last month, are still waiting for his body.

Talking to AbbTakk News, the family of Ahmed Mujtaba described the situation they are going through currently.

Father of Ahmed Mujtaba said family of Ahmed was living in Faisalabad and when the incident took place, he was alone in Karachi.

Abdul Muwasit said he has given away DNA sample thrice in order to receive his son’s body, but still could not receive. He said according to forensic report of Lahore lab, the DNA matched with a body, but it was handed over to another family as body of a crew member.

The father of the plane crash victim broke into tears and said at least he should be informed if the body of his son has been handed over to anyone else.