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Plane was not fit for flying, reveal former plane passengers

Chitral: The passengers who have traveled to Ill-fated PIA ATR-661 earlier, which was crashed yesterday killing at least 48 person, have revealed that the plane conditions was so much bad and it’s voice was also not normal.

The new revelations have come up regarding the PIA’s ATR plane bearing number PK-661, the people who have traveled to the plane earlier said that the plane condition was so much bad and its voice was also not normal despite that it was allowed flying.

A passenger, who had traveled in the plane just a day ago, said that “the flight on the same plane the day I traveled was not normal as well and women remained scary during the whole flight.” While the passenger also said that he received phone call from the passengers from plane as it took off yesterday and they say “plane’s voice is not looking normal.”

It is pertinent to mention here that Chairman PIA Azam Sehgal had categorically said that yesterday in his presser that the PIA flight ATR- 661 coming from Chitral to Islamabad had no fault and it was checked thoroughly in October this year.