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Nawaz, Aides Huddle at PM House After JIT Appearance

Khalid Jamil 

Islamabad (June 15, 2017): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is holding an informal meeting with his top aides and party leadership at Prime Minister House after appearing before the joint investigation team (JIT) currently seized with investigation into money laundering allegations against him and his family.

The Prime Minister after appearing before the JIT came out of FJA and read out a written statement to media waiting outside the Federal Judicial Academy.

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After the talks, the PM dashed to Prime Minister’s house along with his party leadership and family members who were waiting for him outside the Academy.

The top guns of ruling party including Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Sindh Governor Zubair Umer and others are gathered at PM House.

An informal consultative meeting is going on wherein the PM’s appearance before the JIT, Shahbaz Sharif’ summon and other related issues and ruling party’s strategy is being discussed.

Earlier, talking to media after the appearance before the JIT, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif pleaded innocence.


The Prime Minister said that all his assets had already been declared and details were available with Election Commission of Pakistan.

He added that people must be clear that whatever was happening had nothing to do with accountability and corruption. He added that the charges against him and his family were not related to loot of national kitty rather about their family’s personal business.

He added that he had just come out after presenting his stance before the JIT. The Prime Minister said that his family had faced ruthless accountability in every governments. He added that he was giving accounts of his three generations.

The Prime Minister said that had he or his family been involved in corruption, General Musharraf had not to institute a baseless hijacking case to punish him.

Nawaz said that he and his family’s accountability had been carried out in every regime of PPP.

Pleading innocence, he said that he or his family had never been involved in corrupt practice, saying that he and his family had always come clean in every accountability done by different regimes.

He added”God willing he and his family will come clean in the JIT report and SC’s decision. But there will be another JIT of 20 million people next year and the people will give their decision,” he added.

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