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PM Asks Amnesty Scheme Critics To Unveil Tax Details  

Kharan (April 07, 2018): Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Saturday challenged to those criticizing the new tax amnesty scheme and said that those negating the scheme should first tell how much tax they had paid.

He said this while inaugurating the M-8 Khuzdar-Shahdadkot section at Motorway in Kharan.

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The prime minister once again lashed out at the political opponents and said that on one side there is PML-N’s politics of service to masses and on the other hand is politics of lies and abuses.

He also said that the prevoius governments have done nothing for the masses.

The Prime Minister said it is the first time in the country’s history that the income tax has been cut by more than half.

He said this will encourage the people to pay their taxes. He said the initiative will help generate sufficient resources in order to end reliance on others.He said in fact there is no room for any quarter to raise finger on the tax reforms package.

He said that the politics of hurling abuses would not be successful in the upcoming elections, emphasising that Pakistan is and would always be democratic.

PM Abbasi said that (PML-N) has always worked for the benefit of people.

“The name of Nawaz Sharif is synonymous with success,” he said. “Progress doesn’t come from false promises. PML-N has proved that it will work towards country’s progress.”

While referring to the upcoming general elections, the premier stressed: “The decision which will be made in July will seal the fate of Pakistan for next five years.”He said that people have to make a crucial choice between two sides. “On one side there is politics of serving people and truth. While on the other side, there is politics of hurling abuses and lies,” he remarked.

“The decision lies with you [the people].

“People have rejected the politics of hurling abuses. I know that PML-N will come into power again after upcoming general elections.”

He remarked that God knows what will happen to the nation if people who are not even loyal to one another come to power.Speaking regarding the recently announced amnesty scheme, the premier shared that the scheme seeks to provide relief to people of Pakistan.

“We have slashed the rates of tax by almost half. We want people to be able to pay taxes,” he said.

Taking a dig at those opposing the scheme, he remarked that such people should share details of their taxes with everyone.

“Paying tax is the responsibility of every citizen. Those opposing the scheme would tell us if they are paying the taxes or not,” he added.Earlier in the day, PM Abbasi performed the groundbreaking of Yakmach-Kharan road and inaugurated the Khuzdar-Shahdadkot section of M8. The project has been completed at an estimated cost of Rs15million.

On his arrival, the prime minister was received by Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo alongwith provincial cabinet members and the parliamentarians.

Both the projects are part of the government’s plan to improve and widen road network in Balochistan province. The 200 km-long Yakmach-Kharan section is located in the remote part of the province connecting three districts namely Chaghi, Washak and Kharan. 90 percent work on the project has been completed.The road will serve as an important section of the National Highway System by linking Karachi to the Iranian border with shortest distance through N-25 (Quetta-Karachi) thus saving a distance of over 250km.

Khuzdar-Shahdadkot road provides link between Balochistan and Sindh passing through Wango hills. The project would help alleviate poverty in the area by increasing the trade activities.

Khuzdar-Shahdadkot road is part of M-8, the Gwadar-Ratodero Motorway which connects country’s eastern and western regions.

The cargo transport moving from Gwadar to Sindh would be able to use this road that would be completed at cost of around Rs 15 billion.Situated in far flung area of the province, the 200-kilometer Kaharan-Yakmach section connects three important districts of Chaghi, Washuk and Kharan. This is the closest link with Iranian border via N-25 and the project would reduce the distance by 250 kilometers.

The project would accelerate the economic activity in the mineral-rich districts s it would ease the transportation of the minerals from Chaghi to Karachi particularly from Reko Diq. Moreover, it would also provide an alternate and short route for transportation of good between Karachi and Iranian border instead of existing longer route of N-25.

The two-lane Kharan-Yakmach road had been divided into four sections to connect with Kharan via Shahi Garhi, Shahpur, Wadh and Dostain. The project comprises two bridges and 1067 culverts.After its completion, the highway could be used by 3,000 vehicles daily with a set speed of 90 kilometers per hour. Around one million population inhabiting in Basima, Kharan, Yakmach, Nok Kundi, Taftan and Noshki would benefit from the project.

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