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PM Forms Committees To Hold Talks With Allied Parties

ISLAMABAD: To discuss the issues raised by parties allied to the government, a meeting was held today (Thursday) under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Imran Khan in the PM office.

The meeting discussed the process of PTI’s engagement with its allies. Prime Minister felt that this process needed to be strengthened and formalized so that there were no gaps in communication.

To ensure this, He ordered the formation of a number of PTI committees under the chairmanship of Defence Minister Pervaiz Khattak.

The committees are as follows:

Liaison with MQM and GDA

  1. Asad Umar ​​​​​​(Convenor)
  2. Imran Ismail
  3. Firdous Shamim Naqvi
  4. Haleem Adil Sheikh

Liaison with PML (Q)

  1. Ch. Mohammad Sarwar (​​​​Convenor)
  2. Sardar Usman Buzdar
  3. Shafqat Mahmood

Liaison with BAP,BNP, JWP

  1. Pervaiz Khattak ​​​​​(Convenor)
  2. Qasim Suri
  3. Mir Khan Muhammad Jamali