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PM Imran Clarifies; Government Certainly Approaching IMF

Islamabad (October 20, 2018): The Prime Minister Imran Khan setting aside the impression of uncertainty in the economy said that government certainly approaching International Monetary Fund (IMF) and talks being continued for drafting procedure and conditions.

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He made these views while talking to senior anchor persons in Islamabad on Saturday.“There is no doubt we are going to IMF for getting loans and dialogues are underway for the terms and condition,” he said adding that government did not want to put more burden on people that compelled the government to approach IMF.

PM Imran warned that the next few months will be difficult for the people, however after the passage of six months Pakistan will come in strong position and economy will start getting a good shape.

“Pakistan economy in a dire situation and taking loan the only way forward,” he said adding that the circulation debt would surge if the government increased the power prices.

Lamenting politicians PM Imran said that most of the politicians were corrupt and criminals and government has the proves against them as no one will be let go without accountability. “A particular segment is working against the government and the people who leading them are  fearing from accountability,” he continued, “The people who are fearing from accountability are trying to make National Reconciliation Order (NRO), however after my refusal, they started hatching conspiracies against the government.”

He claimed that the present opposition was not a real opposition and united only to safe their heir and property.Commenting over the NAB performance, PM said that government was satisfied with the performance of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and government also ready to make reforms in the anti-draft watchdog joining hands with the opposition.

He further explained that all the cases being probed in the NAB were registered before the PTI government and his meeting with NAB chairman was a usual business.“However, despite all difficulties PTI government determine to strengthen the economy and strict corruption,” he said adding that in Punjab previous government has left his missionary in each department which was creating hinders in the government way.

He vowed again that the process of accountability will never stop, however it can prolong in some cases due to lack of evidence.

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