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PM Imran Demands Facebook To Ban Islamophobic Content

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has demanded founder of world renowned social media site facebook, Mark Zukerberg to ban content on Islamophobia while writing a letter to him.

The PM demanded the owner of facebook to ban the Islamophobia content like the Holocaust while the premier also pointed out the Islamophobic content.

He said that the Islamophobic content is being spread on the social media including the Facebook adding that such content encouraging hatred, extremism and violence.

Imran Khan praises the Facebook ban on the criticism on the holocaust adding that he sees such a same situation facing with the Muslims.

He said that the Muslims are being stopped to chose their personal choice from costumes to their worships and we are seeing the same situation against the Muslims around the world adding that in some countries the Muslims don’t have rights of citizenship.

The premier said that the laws against the Muslims were enacted in India adding that killing of Muslims and held responsible Muslim for the global pandemic coronavirus is the affect of the Islamophobia.

He said that Islam was linked with the terrorism and blasphemous caricatures were allowed in France.