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PM Imran Khan Expresses Determination To Improve Govt Hospitals

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan once again expressing his resolve said that all the government hospital will be fixed and their conditions will be made better and will not come to anyone blackmailing.

Addressing a fundraising ceremony for the Shaukat Khanum Hospital Prime Minister Imran Khan said that 75 percents patients in the hospital provided free treatments adding that it is one and the only hospital around the globe providing free cancer treatment.

PM Imran Khan said that I was told 30 years ago cancer hospital cannot be made in the country while he said that he worked hard and tirelessly for making of the hospital and people of Pakistan are generous and spent in way of Allah generously.

The premier said that “I will show all to collect money from the masses to run the country affairs adding that a well in the seashore of Karachi is being dug in search of gas and we will know in fifteen days how much gas exist in the sea.” Hoping that we will get gas reservoir and if it discovered then we will not face shortages for the next fifty years, he added.

He said that a campaign is being run against the government efforts for the improvements of the government hospitals and some doctors of the province are running the campaign adding that we are bringing reforms to improve the government hospitals.

The premier said that we will not be threatened by someone protest and irrespective of any intensity we will not bow down and we will bring improvement in the government hospitals.