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PM Imran To Take Vote Of Confidence From Sold Out Members Of His Party: Maryam

Islamabad: Vice-President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has said that Prime Minister after senate elections said that his members have sold out in the elections and now he would take vote of confidence from the same sold out members.

After parliamentary meeting of the PDM, talking to media she said that the alliance has defeated the government in the senate and by-elections adding that now the PML-N would also get victory in Azad Kashmir elections.

She said that the culture of N-league has change adding that now every body can share his or her opinion agaainst or for the party decisions. She said that the opinion put forward by the ECP under the constitution.

Maryam Nawaz said that neither Supreme Court nor Election Commission has power to amend the constitutions adding that the SC approved opinion presented by the ECP while the ECP had adopted constitutional position in the SC.

Without naming the ruling PTI, the PML-N vice-president said that billionaires were given tickets in Balochistan and KP in the senate election.If ruling candidates win from there then the elections are OK if they losses elections in Islamabad then the elections are not right.

She said that now institutions have known that who are people insulting the institutions.

Maryam Nawaz claimed that President in his remarks for requisition of Natioanl Assembly session has written that the premier has lost trust and she demanded to make it public.