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PM Khan Chairs High-Level Meeting to Discuss Upcoming Budget

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to promoting sectors that produce youth employment and boost the economic process.

He gave the remarks while chairing a high-level meeting on Budget 2020-21 in Islamabad today.

The Prime Minister said it has been government’s priority since day one to reduce non-developmental expenditures especially non-essential government spending. He said giving special attention to promoting this aim is the need for the hour in the current context.

Imran Khan said the corona pandemic has impacted every segment of the society and as a result, the efforts to stabilize and develop the economy have been compromised.

Deliberating on subsidies in various sectors and provision of assistance by the government, the Prime Minister said governmental subsidy is in fact taxpayers’ money and therefore requires the best and optimal use of this money to achieve the desired results. Imran Khan said the current economic situation demands that the reforms process is expedited in order to reduce unnecessary burden on people and to provide them relief.