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PM Khan Meets US President Donald Trump in Davos

DAVOS: Prime Minister Imran Khan met with United States President Donald Trump on the sidelines of World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

US President Trump said that it is an honour to meet PM Imran with whom he is going to discuss trade and many other issues. He emphasized on the trade and called it of “paramount importance”.

President Trump again offered to play the role of a mediator between Pakistan and India on the matter of Kashmir and said the US is keeping a “close watch” on the matter. “What’s going on between Pakistan and India … if we can help, we certainly will be willing to. We have been watching it very closely and it’s an honour to be here with my friend,” he added.

“The Pakistan-India conflict is a very big issue for us in Pakistan and we expect the US to always play its part in de-escalating the tensions, because no other country can,” PM Imran said, adding that he will continue to play his role for peace in the region.

Both leaders interacted in a highly cordial atmosphere with the press where Trump appreciated PM Imran, whom he referred to as his ‘friend’. PM Imran expressed that the matters pertaining to Afghan Peace Process, deteriorating situation in Kashmir and regional situation will be discussed as Pakistan has an important relation with the US.

Trump also underscored the relationship with Pakistan and expressed: “Never been this close as we are now”. Both leaders extended warmness towards each other and announced to pay heed to crucial issues.

Other matter namely bilateral interests, Pak-US relations and regional security and peace is also expected to come under discussion.