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Modi To Face No-Confidence Vote Today

New Delhi (July 20, 2018): Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government will face a no-confidence vote today.

The political parties supporting no-confidence motion against Indian Prime Minister include Congress, Nationalist Congress Party, Samajwadi Party, Aam Aadmi Party and CPIM.On the other hand, BJP Chief Whip, Anurag Thakur had sent notice to members during no-confidence vote.

In his tweet, BJP chief whip has requested the members of assembly to play a positive role in the Parliament. Anurag Thakkar has recently been appointed as the chief whip of BJP.

This would be Modi government’s first no-confidence motion in past four years.

On July 18, Sumitra Mahajan has accepted a no-confidence motion moved by the Opposition against the Narendra Modi government.According to Indian media, Telugu Desam Party was the first to give no-confidence notice and asked to move the motion supported by over 50 members.Since December, Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has faced numerous challenges, after a relatively smooth first couple of years in office. He narrowly won his home state of Gujarat in December with a wafer-thin majority, lost crucial by-elections in some states and failed to form the government after winning the most seats in Karnataka’s state election in May.

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