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PM Office Issues Red Letters To Ministries For Not Providing Details

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister office has issued a red-letter, a symbol of last warning and displeasure, to different ministries over not providing records.

In recent time it is the first time that the red alert has been issued while as many as secretaries of 27 ministries have been issued the red letter.

Prime Minister office has asked to submit ministries vacant positions and recruitment details from the ministries. However, the PM office has set September 9 deadline for the submission of required details.

The PMO noted that the red letter would factor into the performance report of the concerned ministry/division, urging them to complete tasks for which deadlines had not yet elapsed.

The premier’s office has asked the ministries to provide details of vacant positions at every level.

The PM office also instructed the ministries to provide details of officers who despite having qualification could not be promoted and officers names against those disciplinary actions have been pending for three months.

Initially, a ‘yellow letter’ was issued to the ministry on August 17, noting that half of the time that they were given for completion of the tasks had elapsed.

“Despite the above-stated situation, the task got critically delayed and [is] now lying overdue at your end,” the letter stated, adding that no further extension would be granted to the ministry.