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PM, President Call For Acting Over Iqbal’s Notion

Islamabad (November 09, 2018): On the occasion of the 141st birth anniversary of national poet, philosopher Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Prime Minister Imran Khan and President of the State Dr Arif Alvi gave their message today.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan in his message said Pakistanis could achieve high distinction in the comity of the nations by understanding the concept of ‘Shaheen’ and philosophy of ‘Khudi’ of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

The premier said that adopting Iqbal’s vision is the need of the hour to brighten the world through our deeds and introduce Pakistan as a developed and Islamic welfare state.PM said that the renowned poet’s approach on matters such as sectarianism and ideological extremism serves as a guiding light for the nation.

Moreover, on the occasion, President also expressed his thoughts and stressed over the need to revert to the teachings and philosophy of the great philosopher and poet of the East to tackle the multifaceted challenges faced by Pakistan.

The President said that the commemoration of the birth anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal was indeed an occasion not only to recall the message that he propounded but also to ponder how far “we have been successful in following the path that was shown to us by the great philosopher and Poet of the East.”He said that Allama Muhammad Iqbal would always be remembered not only for envisioning a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Sub Continent but also for his remarkable contributions to understanding the true message of our religion.

Today, the 141st birth anniversary of national poet, philosopher Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal is being observed all over the country with traditional zeal and enthusiasm.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal was born in Sialkot on November 9, 1877. He is also recognised as the national poet, and known as Muffakir-e-Pakistan (thinker of Pakistan), Shair-e-Mashriq (poet of the east) and Hakeemul Ummat (doctor of the Muslim ummah) and is credited with sparking the pan-Islamic thought among Muslims of the subcontinent. Allama Iqbal envisioned the idea of a separate homeland for the Muslims of subcontinent‚ which led to the creation of Pakistan. He was a great representative of the subcontinent and an important personality for the Pakistan movement.

The nation is celebrating the day with the dedication to pay homage to the great poet-philosopher and to highlight his achievements. Various educational‚ political‚ social and cultural organizations have arranged special programmes to portray Iqbal’s philosophy‚ life and his contribution to create awareness among the Muslims of South Asia.

Iqbal was a Sufi poet for the modern age who aroused a revolutionary spirit in the nation through his poetry. His poetry has been translated in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, English and several other languages and is considered a great philosopher all over the world. Unfortunately, he could not see the independence of Pakistan and died on April 21, 1938.

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