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PM Should Fulfill One Of Any of His Promises: Siraj Ul Haq

LAHORE: Ameer Jamat-e-Islami Siraj Ul Haque has said that the Prime Minister should stick to his any statements and should fulfill any of his promises.’

Addressing a ceremony in Mansoorah Lahore, the JI Chief said that one who thinks himself
above accountability he can not hold accountability of the others.

Siraj Ul Haque said that the premier should leave his philosophy of “the more U-turn taker is a
big man” adding that the government didn’t have any manifesto nor any ideology.

He said that people disturbed by poverty, inflation, and unemployment pray for the end of the
government adding that if poor besieged the palaces of the rulers then they will not get time to

Siraj said that the system of oppression and cruelty is near to an end.

He said that keep yourself mum on the system of cruelty is the biggest hypocrisy adding that the nation tested military and political parties again and again but it is set that the system given by Hazrat Muhammad PBUH is the solution to all problems.