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PM Vows To End Poverty In AJK After Winning upcoming General Elections

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has vowed to end poverty in Azad Jammu and Kashmir after winning the upcoming General Elections.

Addressing a public gathering at Tarar Khal in Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Friday, he said we will implement our flagship Ehsas program in AJK to help Kashmir’s youth achieving their goals and to provide all basic facilities to the masses.

The Prime Minister said the entire Pakistan is standing with the people of Occupied Kashmir and he will continue raising the Kashmir issue at every forum.

Counting on sacrifices of Kashmiri people for their independence, he urged Kashmiri leaders specifically Ali Raza Gilani and Yasin Malik to show perseverance as success comes after the difficulty.

The Prime Minister strongly rejected the notion that PTI government is mulling to make Azad Jammu and Kashmir a province of Pakistan.

He said according to UN Resolutions, only Kashmiri people can decide their future through referendum.

Imran Khan said Pakistan will allow Kashmiris to decide between choosing to join Pakistan or remaining independent even after they vote in favor of Pakistan in a future plebiscite.

The Prime Minister said the unprecedented sacrifices being rendered by the Kashmiri people will not go in vain and time is not far when they will decide their future.

He said opposition is making hue and cry of rigging in elections despite the fact that being the ruling party their own government is responsible for conducting the fair and transparent elections.

He said we are making strenuous efforts for the last one year to bring elections reforms to make election process transparent and opposition has been invited to sit with government for this purpose.

Imran Khan said Electronic Voting Machines will bring an end to rigging allegations and help in holding transparent elections.

Addressing another rally at Kotli in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, the Prime Minister said he will continue fighting for Kashmiris’ basic right to self-determination that was given to them under UN resolutions.

The Prime Minister said being the Ambassador of Kashmir, he will raise Kashmir issue at every level including international media and world institutions.

He regretted over previous governments for doing nothing to end poverty in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and not highlighting Kashmir issue rigorously at world forum.

The prime Minister said on one side RSS based Hindutva ideology was inflicting atrocities on innocent Kashmiris while on the other hand our leaders were inviting the propagates of that ideology to their homes. He said due to their personal interests previous government leaders never criticized RSS-led Indian government.

The Prime Minister said our Naya Pakistan Housing and Kamyab Jawan program will prove to be the game life changing programs for Kashmiri people.