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PML-N Decides to Field 15 Candidates for Karachi NA Seats   

Report: Behzad Salimi

Karachi (June 25, 2018): The Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) announced its aspirants for 15 Karachi National Assembly seats as its president Shehbaz Sharif will contest from NA-249.

According to details, the president of Sindh parliamentary board and provincial head of PML-N have finalized the names of NA Karachi seats.

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According to the list, Rao Muhammad Jamil from NA-241, Haji Sharafat Khan NA-242, Sheikh Muhammad Shahjahan from NA-243, Miftah Ismail from NA-244 and Khawaja Tariq from NA-245, Senator Saleem Zia from NA-246, Dr Afnanullan from NA-247, Salman Khan from NA-248, Shehbaz Sharif from NA-249, Syed Munawar Raza from NA-250, Fahad Shafique from NA-251, Muhammad Ayub Khan from NA-252, Khalid Mumtaz from NA-253, Nasirudin Mehmood from NA-255, Dost Muhammad Faizi from NA-256 will contest the elections.

Sources told that PML-N chief Shehbaz Sharif will approve the names of the candidates during his Karachi visit.Earlier, President PML-N and former Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif on Monday said that he and his party would make every effort to fulfill any promises that they make in the upcoming general elections, promises made in 2013 were fulfilled by PML-N, he added.

Addressing in a ceremony in Karachi after reaching the city on a two-day visit, Shahbaz added that his party, which ruled Pakistan for the past five years and handed over the leadership to the caretaker government last month performed well both in center and Punjab.

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There is “almost no load-shedding in the country” in the present day, the PML-N president said, adding that peace had returned to Karachi. Praising Rangers, former CM said that they have worked hard day and night to make Karachi a peaceful city.

Shahbaz added that PML-N performed to the best of its capabilities in the past five years.

Pointing to power shortages that plagued the country in 2013, Shehbaz said the load-shedding crisis has been 90% resolved. Dharnas [sit-ins] only wasted people’s times,” he said in a clear jibe at the opposing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Shehbaz will also address a public gathering in NA-249 constituency — from where he intends to contest the July 25 General Election—, as well as in Lyari and Malir.

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