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PML-N Govt Always Preferred Projects Having More Kick Backs: Fayyaz

Lahore: Criticizing PML-N projects constructed in its regime, Minister For Information Punjab, Fayyaz Ul Hassan Chohan said that the PML-N preferred projects having more juggling, kick backs and show off instead of public welfare.

Information Minister Punjab said that a comparison of Orange Line Train and Clean Drinking Water are in front of all adding that both the projects will benefit as many as 2.5 lakh people on a daily basis but Orange Line Project completed in Rs 300 billion while Mianwali clean drinking project constructed in Rs 3. 2 billion.

Fayyaz Chohan said that the government has bound to pay back the loan taken for the construction of Orange Line Train Project for 20 years to China. On the other hand Mianwali clean drinking water project will run on solar system having the lowest operation expenditures.

He said that on the Orange Train Project, an annual subsidy of 5.6 billion rupees will have to be borne by the government adding that the PML-N government exploited other areas of the provinces by spending all the funds of the province entirely on the central Punjab.

The Minister said that on the completion of clean water drinking project, people of Mianwali belonging to area Khatak belt and residents of 87 villages and 151 small towns are praying for the elected government after 73 years.