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PML-N to Resist if Attempts Made to Oust PM: Anusha

ISLAMABAD: State Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication Anusha Rahman has said that JIT report was based on ill-intention and worthy to be trashed.

Talking to media outside the Supreme Court, Rahman said that one-sided media trial of the Prime Minister was being carried out.

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She warned that if attempts were made to oust the Prime Minister illegally and unconstitutionally then the PML-N workers would resists such moves.

She added that the Prime Minister counsel was advancing arguments and had raised objections over the JIT report before the bench.

“The JIT report has lost its (credibility) in front of the Supreme Court. It’s a trash basket and uses harsh, condescending language,” she remarked.

Claiming that the JIT went beyond its mandate, the PML-N leader alleged that the JIT members abused their authority.

“JIT members are government employees and abused their powers. The JIT chairman gave the nation’s money to his relative,” she said.

She declared that Nawaz Sharif was Prime Minister now and would  remain the Prime Minister tomorrow.

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